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Water conditioners are essentially "Beefed Up" water softeners--Water Softeners that have had carbon, or some other filtration media, added to further "condition" the water. However, "Water Conditioner" is also a buzz word used by many questionable water treatment equipment dealers to describe a water softener system that has been "sprinkled" with carbon. In other words, they merely add a small amount of carbon to the softening media and try to pass it off as a conditioner. Although this will remove chlorine and odors for a short time, the carbon soon wears out, and the purchaser has effectively been left with a simple water softener with bad carbon in it.

All Water Conditioners supplies water conditioning systems that separates the carbon process in each application so that our home water treatment systems and conditioners never stop removing chemicals and contaminants from your residential water supply. You can also replace the carbon every three years for a relatively low price of around $100. Our systems are the absolute BEST in city water conditioners. 


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Please note that all of our full house water conditioners come complete with a five year parts warranty. Reverse Osmosis unit's effectiveness in removing contaminants depends on input water quality. Our water softeners and water conditioners replace ALL competitors brands, and are made from the highest quality materials available in the United States and Canada. All of our water treatment equipment comes with the shipping already factored in. That's right, the low price quoted is the low price you pay. Period.


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Water treatment System #1 (City Water) - $1099
Try our popular City Water Conditioning and Purification System. It features an enormous dual purpose water conditioner with two huge 10"x30" tanks fused together--one on the top for carbon (and carbon replacement), and one on the bottom for the water softener resin media. Replace the carbon every three years at a cost of about $75. The Autotrol demand regeneration conditioner unit comes complete with bypass valve and a turbulator to fluff the softening bed.

Included in this system is a Premium 4 Stage reverse osmosis drinking water system to remove the salt and sodium left behind by the conditioner. The 50 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis water filter removes many other contaminants, including radium, fluoride, heavy metals, lead, mercury, turbidity and others that would help reduce tastes and odors! This entire water treatment system delivered to your door for only $1099.

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System #2 (Well Water) - $1399
This is our Well Water Treatment System, which includes includes a deluxe Hi-Grain softener, a Pyrolox Iron, Sulfur, Manganese, and Turbidity filter tank, and a four stage 50 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purification System like the one mentioned in the system #1 above. Replaces all of those Iron water filter units using harsh chemicals and injection systems. This one uses no chemicals at all.

The state of the art water softener/ conditioner features a demand regeneration "Fleck Flo Pro" top of the line Digital Valve. This beautiful conditioner features high capacity softener resin and computer chip with all the best features. All of this comes complete with everything you need for the best in water treatment equipment, and delivered to your door for only $1399.

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Custom Water Treatment System - (call us for price)
BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM SYSTEM! Use any combination of the items below:

Water softener Iron filter Sulfur filter
Nitrate filter Drinking water filter Chlorine filter
pH filter (raise pH) Chlorine injection Storage tanks
Sediment filter    

Just call and tell us what you want, and we will quote you a price right over the phone. Please call NOW!

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